Bultaco Brinco

Ideal Motorcycles, Sussex are the official dealers for Bultaco Brinco serving the South East of England.

Manufactured by the Bultaco Motorcycle Company – the Bultaco Brinco R – is an Off Road bicycle with the option of battery assistance.

Based on a high spec. downhill mountain bike, it is actually three bikes in one!

2015-06-01 Bultaco Brinco-1059Bike 1.  Everyday normal high spec. Mountain bike with full suspension, fantastic brakes with a pedal and    gear system like any other normal push bike – hopping on pedalling off and changing up and down the gears  by twisting the L/H twist gear change on the handlebars.

Bike 2. Using the unique swipe card or wrist band on the control panel to activate the 2KW motor, the rider then has the option of using the normal motorcycle style throttle to propel the Bultaco Brinco R forward – up to 38MPH!

Bike 3. (THE GRIN FACTOR).  Is the “Dual Powered” recreational bike for all the family.  Younger/fitter family members can race down hills and motor back to top rather than pushing.  Dad can ride same trail as the younger fitter family member (using a little more assistance) and Mum can go for a ride and keep up with hubby, who is reliving his youth.

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The control panel mounted on the handle bars has three modes:-

Mode 1 / ECO – gives the rider powered assistance up to a maximum speed of 15MPH and can achieve a distance of almost 60 miles with very minimal pedalling.  Eco Mode also has inbuilt “Climbing Mapping” to give extra torque for very steep accents.

Mode 2 / TOURING – offers a higher speed capability (in the region of 24MPH) with reduced distance.

Mode 3 / SPORTS –  flat ground top speed of approximately 38MPH totally independent of any pedalling.  It also claims that the ultra advanced lithium battery pack will maintain this speed for more than 20 miles.



2015-06-01 Bultaco Brinco-3PRICE £4395.00

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